The Artist

Artist’s Statement

Born in the Netherlands I have lived and worked in Sydney since 1989. In 1998, after 8 years of study at a number of colleges in Sydney and overseas I completed my Masters thesis and exhibition entitled Modernism and Fragmentation. The focus of this paper and accompanying exhibition was the dismantling of painting into numerous styles and movements from the 1830’s Realism to the 1950’s Abstract Expressionism under the influence of the Enlightenment and an ever growing number of ideas and expanding knowledge of the world.  In today’s world this fragmentation continues.  In fact, current painting practices all over the world show little coherency or common ground.  We might refer to this as a global ‘individualism’. We also see much of the same in other artistic disciplines such as architecture and design.

During the late 1990’s and early 2000’s my work explored this notion of fragmentation which lead me to an Expressionist style of painting influenced by both post-war American and European Expressionism. However, after a period of some 5 years, I slowly began stripping back my painting practice in search for a more pure style which resulted in a slow transformation from expressionistic lines and shapes towards a more geometric abstraction.

In both my earlier expressionist work and my current work, living and working in Sydney has been an important stimulant. Firstly, Sydney and it’s rather chaotic quality influenced my earlier Expressionist work, however, my focus, as mentioned, gradually shifted to considerations of structure and the existence of continuous lines as part of the metropolis. The later inspired me to examine an array of architectural styles and designs which led me to closely look at such movements as the German ‘Bauhaus’ (Building School) and more influentially the Dutch ‘De Stijl’ (The Style). Both active early last century these groups of artists, architects and designers strongly believed in the application of geometric abstraction that relied on pure colour and form. Numerous artistic movements and ideologies from this period promoted a closer relationship between artistic disciplines. In my work I believe there is ample room for such ideas. I hope therefore in my future artistic endeavours to work toward a more ‘total art,’ integrating ideas of more than one discipline.

For my current work this means that most works are ‘open ended’ and are open for exploration into new forms of art and or architecture/design.

2018The Shop Gallery, Glebe, Sydney
2017Interlude Gallery, Glebe, Sydney
2016Kensington Contemporary, Chippendale, Sydney
2014Zigi’s Art and Wine Bar, Chippendale, Sydney
2013Hub Gallery, Newtown, Sydney
2013Sheffer Gallery, Darlington, Sydney
2012Yuga Gallery Cafe, Glebe, Sydney
2011Factory 49, Marrickville, Sydney.
2011Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Camperdown, Sydney.
2011Gallery 41, Woolloomooloo, Sydney.
2010Gallery hm, Redfern, Sydney.
2010Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Camperdown, Sydney.
2006The Front Gallery, Canberra.
2005Stanmore Galleries, Stanmore, Sydney.
2004Stanmore Galleries, Stanmore, Sydney.
2003Stanmore Galleries, Stanmore, Sydney.
2002Side On Gallery, Annandale, Sydney.
2000Artique Galleria, Pyrmont, Sydney.
1998Seymour Theatre Centre, Chippendale, Sydney.
1997Seymour Theatre Centre, Chippendale, Sydney.
1996Mary Place Gallery, Paddington, Sydney.
1995Hogo Fogo, Prague, The Czech Republic.
1995Theatre Labyrint, Prague, The Czech Republic.
Selected Group
2018Artsite Gallery, Camperdown, Sydney
2017Artsite Gallery, Camperdown, Sydney
2016Annual Group Show, Factory 49, Marrickville, Sydney
2015Annual Group Show, Factory 49, Marrickville, Sydney
2015Private Lives, S.H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney
2014Art Now, NG Gallery, Chippendale, Sydney
2012Artsite Gallery, Camperdown, Sydney
2012Pop-Up Gallery, The Rocks, Sydney
2011Pop-Up Gallery, Annandale, Sydney
2010The Watch House Gallery, Balmain, Sydney.
2008The Fisher Library, Sydney University, Sydney.
2007The Watch House Gallery, Balmain, Sydney.
2005Abstract Painting, Stanmore Galleries, Stanmore, Sydney
2004Stanmore Galleries Christmas Show
2000Recent Works, ABC Centre, Ultimo, Sydney.
1997The Little Summer Hill Show, Summer Hill, Sydney.
19961+1=11, Baby Enzo, Paddington, Sydney.
1996The Bohemians, Bondi Beach Pavilion, Bondi, Sydney.
1994BA (Hons) Graduation Exhibition, UWS., Nepean/Kingswood, Sydney.
1994Newtown Galleries, Newtown, Sydney.
1993Festival of The Arts, Fairfield, Sydney.
1992Graduation Exhibition, College of Fine Arts, Paddington, Sydney.
1991ID-3D The Works Gallery, Paddington, Sydney.
1990Warringah Art Prize, Narrabeen, Sydney.
1998MA Honours, University of Western Sydney, Nepean.
1994 – 1995MA studies, University of Applied Arts, Prague, The Czech Republic.
1993 – 1994BA Honours, University of Western Sydney, Nepean.
1990 – 1993BFA College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales.
1989 – 1990Life Drawing, Strathfield TAFE College.
1994Alumni Postgraduate Travelling Scholarship.
1994Postgraduate Association U.W.S., Nepean Travel Grant.
1987-2005Travelled extensively in Europe (including Eastern Europe), the Middle East, Asia, U.S.A. and Australia.
1995Artist in residence at ‘Riversdale’ The Bundanon Trust, Nowra, NSW, Australia.
1994-1995Studied at the College of Applied Arts in Prague, The Czech Republic, under Prof. K.Gebauer.
1991Participated in the Creative Village Program organised by the Arts Council of NSW dealing with community art in rural Australia.
1994Post West, UWS quarterly, Prague and its art.
  • College of Applied Arts, Prague, The Czech Republic, The Lidove Noviny Publishing House Ltd., Prague, The Czech Republic, Graphics Gallery Pty Ltd., Sydney, Australia.
  • Private Collections in Australia, The Netherlands, Great Britain, The Czech Republic and the USA.

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